Signa Docs

Signa Docs: electronic documents signing service

Signa Docs service is dedicated to the management of electronic documents, which format conforms to the "Specification ADOC-V1.0 of the Electronic Document Signed by the Electronic Signature", approved by the Lithuanian Archives Department under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.

In Signa Docs environment you may upload ADOC documents into your workspace, review documents content, forward the to other users of this system. This service also allows to sign electronic documents with a secure signature creation device (SSCD). You may sign documents yourself or propose documents for signing to other users of this system.

You may connect to this demo version using following user names (user name/password/role):

sima / docs / creator
zigmas / docs / creator
algis / docs / signer
tomas / docs / signer
vika / docs / signer

Documents saved in this demo environment are regularly removed.

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